An APK Faction in FOnline Reloaded

We emerged from the Vault unable to believe what confronted us, a desolate unforgiving wasteland, humans killing humans for fun, creatures attacking on sight, how would we survive out here? It was then we decided that best and only way to survive was to work together to equip and protect ourselves, we began gathering essential resources, sending out small teams to gather key materials allowing us to create hammers, tools, knives, hatchets. We stock piled these resources and spent time honing our skills to improve the equipment we were able to create. From these basics we created more advanced weapons and armour. 
During our salvaging in the wastes for more and more resource, we came across people in need of assistance. Having been through the initial hardship of basic survival, we began to impart the knowledge we acquired to others, this was met with gratitude – for the most part, we also found it a great way to sell our excess hardware, this continued and as we grew in skill we were to offer better equipment to people we met and regulars we befriended. 
Always in the background was the threat of attack from groups hunting humans for personal gain, with no regard for life, we decided that this needs to change, man should not fear other men, it was then clear what we needed to do.
The Peacekeeper Squad were then formed, their mission, to help others to survive in the wastelands and to curb the growth of corruption and mindless killing, provide protection to those that need it. 


Peacekeeper Squad is recruiting. JOIN US NOW.